At REO Consultants, our Goal Is The Same As Yours
To get your REO properties sold as quickly as possible at the highest price possible.

We partner with lenders to minimize the risk and maintain the value of REO Properties. We do this by providing qualified project management staff and strategic alliances.

We will be your liaison to manage all of the different team members that are key to your REO properties, including jurisdictions, contractors, specialty consultants, agents, buyers, and others.

  • We can assist you with the repossession process by making sure you get the proper information and concessions from your borrowers.

  • We can help you maintain or even increase your REO property’s value after you take it back.

  • We can maintain your REO property while you own it.

  • We can finish or fix your REO property.  

  • We can help communicate the REO property’s value to prospective buyers.

  • We can manage the sales, marketing, and buyer interface processes before, during, and after the sale.

  • We can sell your REO property through our relationships with various brokerages.
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