As an example of REO Consultant’s experience with all aspects of the building process, consider the Echo Ridge Estates Project.  This project involved the purchase of two separate properties and the development of a 15 acre, 7 lot Rural Cluster Subdivision east of Woodinville.  Our work on this project included the self-performance of the following work:

•     Property acquisition and negotiation, including feasibility studies  and          project valuation.

•     Site planning, layout, and design

•     All entitlement and permitting, including preliminary plat, final                     design, and final plat.

•     Coordination and performance of all on-site development work, 
        including clearing, erosion control, dirtwork, utilities, road                          improvements, etc. 

•     Selection of marketing team and development of marketing plan,   
        including development of all sales and marketing materials, website         (, Homeowner’s Association documents,          etc.

•     Home design and permitting including architectural design and 
        construction documents, specification development, permit  
        procurement and interior design,

•     Siting and construction of $1 million + homes on the site.