REO Consultants offers the following comprehensive work scopes that can be tailored to the specific needs of each client:

  • Pre-Repossession Evaluation of REO Properties
              Ensuring that lenders get the right information and concessions  
              out of the borrower before the handover is finalized
  • Post-Repossession Evaluation of REO Properties
              Maximizing future salability and development potential
  • Sales and Marketing Coordination and Management
              Act as liaison between lender and broker in all facets of sales   
              and buyer coordination
  • Homeowner’s Association Creation and Management
              Perform all buyer issues with respect to HOA
  • Management and Maintenance of  REO Properties
              Taking care of all the big and little details
  • Property Entitlement
              Entitlement and permitting of raw or partially developed 
  • Site Development Design Coordination and Management
              Management and value engineering to maximize value and
  • Site Work Construction Management
              Undeveloped or partially constructed projects
  • Partially Completed or Damaged Structure Evaluation
              Risk analysis, valuation, and advisement on how to move 
  • Partially Completed Structure Completion and Damage Repair     Construction Management to complete, partially complete, or  
              repair structures